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Welcome to Samsons Direct..
All the business organizations – be it small or big - look for customers. Almost all the businesses find it difficult to get the right target audience to promote their products or services, despite spending money, manpower and time. In order to get the right profiles of the individuals or Prospects, we spend a lot of time and use various technical tools to cater to the needs and requirements of such business organizations for business promotions.

When you get the right, updated, reliable, authentic, potential database of Prospects, it becomes all easier to promote or direct-market your products or services. This is where we are! This is where our business comes – our business of getting you the right profiles of the individuals you are looking for to promote your business.

It took us years to have an edge over other vendors in giving professional services. Now, we are well equipped with lots of rich experience and expertise. Whether you would like to market a product or service worth a few thousands of rupees or lakhs or rupees, come to us. Tell us what kind of databases you need and what kind of direct-marketing activity you are planning to do. We can help you immensely and professionally.

Welcome, once again, to Samsons Direct!
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